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Akers runs wild while Newton hits the pine - Dec 11

Good morning and congratulations to those with Cam Akers and in the playoffs (who started him). I benched him in 1/3 leagues where I qualify to the previous statement - but Cam Akers officially is #arrived.

In other awesome news - Chad Johnson used to call Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson at 2:00AM, tell them he was open, then hang up.

Meet the NFL’s newest bellcow

Bellcow is a term used to describe RB’s who see incredible usage in both the running and passing games. Here’s what it actually means: a cow, especially the lead cow of a herd, having a bell attached to a collar around its neck so that the herd can be located easily. It also means: Cam Akers.

Akers out-touched Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown 32-2, playing 55 snaps compared to Henderson’s 7 and Brown’s 6.

Akers will be the lead dog as the Rams look to grab a playoff spot taking on the Adam Gase-led Jets in a dream Week 15 matchup. He’s here to stay and is officially in the RB1 mix.  

Trouble in Paradise

Cam Newton was injured going into the game against the Rams - but that’s no excuse. The Pats QB ended a horrific performance with 10 mins left in the 4th - benched for that backup the Pats kept around. Newton and the Patriots take on the Dolphins in Week 15: You’re firing up that D/ST anywhere you can.

The Hospital Report

First - shoutout to all the front-line workers - thank yall!!

Second - this:

  • Carolina head coach Matt Rhule said he doesn't expected Christian McCaffrey (quad, shoulder) to play Week 14 against the Broncos. Uh oh. Hope you held onto Mike Davis, who should see #bellcow usage.

  • Deebo Samuel (foot) returned to 49ers practice on Thursday, getting in a "limited" session. A great sign.

  • Jamison Crowder was added to the Jets' injury report on Thursday with a calf issue, getting in a "limited" session. He should play and receive a heavy workload against the Seahawks with Mims out.

  • Josh Jacobs (ankle) returned to Raiders practice on Thursday, getting in a "limited" session. His first practice since Nov 29 - keep an eye out.

The last word - Reddit Reads

These are fantastic reddit reads/video worth reading/viewing. Read em for the sake of your team:


That is all.

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