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There's a major situation in Baltimore & Ryan Tannehill's wife - Dec 16

Good morning. Everyone’s asking, so we are answering. Read on for the answer to the most important question of the day ** exclusive ** to the Morning Huddle.

Also - IDK if it’s because I haven’t seen a woman in while, but I found a great site for the top 10 best-looking NFL wives and girlfriends. Surprising to see: Lauren Tannehill. I’m happy for you Ryan.

Quick Slants for Michael Thomas

  • Matt Rhule does not expect running back Christian McCaffrey to play Saturday at Green Bay. Sad. Mike Davis remains a low-end RB1.

  • Raiders’ WR Henry Ruggs went on COVID reserve so he’s out for Thursday, per source. Only big benefit goes to Nelson Algoholor, as much as that hurts.

  • Jalen Hurts is the top waiver-wire pickup everywhere. Then Russell Gage. Then John Brown.

2021 way too early mock draft

So long as Adam Gase doesn’t get a chance to ruin Trevor Lawrence, I’m happy with how this draft turns out.

Also - do the Falcons really deserve another top WR? What about a defense?

The Most Important Question - Did Lamar Jackson “Paul Pierce”?

A few years ago, Paul Pierce left an NBA game in seemingly terrible pain. I mean, it looked BAD.

But 11 years later, Paul Pierce revealed the surprising truth. “Something went down” and he “had to go to the bathroom.” There was no proof of this theory for 11 years…

Now, we turn to Lamar Jackson’s mysterious disappearance in the game against the Browns. As of publishing, Lamar insists he was cramping.

He swears he didn’t “pull a Paul Pierce” and fake an injury to take a dump. Ya right.

Sounds exactly like something someone who faked an injury to take a dump would say. Want further proof? Watch this video. He runs like me after Taco Bell.

Will Lamar take 11 years to own up to this too? And where was Odell?

Eddie Lacy spotted in a Rockets uniform

Remember Eddie Lacy?? The former top 10 Packers RB? This is him now

NFL Power Rankings Week 14

Should the Steelers be lower after dropping 2 straight? The Colts are too high. Patriots aren’t serious. Move the Eagles up even more.


Thank you all - we’ll be back tomorrow with some deep dives and more info on Lamar Jackson’s shituation. And remember - stand sturdy, start your studs, trust the experts, and close your eyes when you need to.

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