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With a vengeance (& an interest in Elijah Moore)

Well well well… if it isn’t another fantasy football offseason. Finally. It’s good to be back chirping my friend’s fantasy teams. And writing this newsletter.

First off, I wanted to address the elephant in the room.

We’re early. It’s barely August, the NFL season is over a month away and we should be enjoying the summer months or doing something productive.

But f*** that! It’s primetime fantasy football SZN BABY!!! The time spent these next few weeks wins titles. We’ll be sure you won’t miss any updates, any sleepers, or any memes. But if it’s too early and you’d rather we wait till the NFL kickoff, reply to this email to let me know.

Before we begin

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  2. The newsletter will be epic.

  3. The newsletter will win you fantasy championships.

  4. You will continuously be updated on Adam Gase’s employment status.

  5. Gase is currently an Offensive Coordinator of a Local High School Team.

Let’s do this sh*t!

Go draft Elijah Moore in round 7, then stare each league member in the eye while you smirk and take a seat. He’s someone to target in every league, already establishing himself as the Jets WR1.

Here’s why:

And I thought AJ Brown was amazing: Watch this video of AJ Brown telling Elijah Moore how much better Elijah is (I’ve been waiting all offseason to send you this).

Injury Report

It’s still too early in the season for any of my stud RBs to go down.

Just kidding.

Deep Dives: Early Early

Nico Collins is someone I’ve had my eye on since realizing the Houston Texans suck and have no WR depth. They could be throwing a ton - and this rookie WR (who they call the “best rookie in camp”) is a breakout candidate. And he’s free in drafts. Read why 👇

One more thing

You guys are the best - this newsletter would not exist without all your support. Thank you.

You can continue to support the newsletter (and have an epic live draft) with a new live draft business I started- this helps me justify 3+ hours researching fantasy football daily.

I’ve always wanted a better live draft experience, so I built a draft kit with a championship ring, every fantasy-relevant player, a massive board, and customized ring cases with your league’s name on them. Each Draft Pack is hand-packaged (by yours truly), shipped using methods faster than Tyreek Hill, and crafted with only the finest fake diamonds in the world.

Because it’s such a new business, I want to have as many diehard fans test it as possible - and you guys are the best - so I hope a sizeable $30 discount (code auto applies: MHUDDLE69) for all subscribers makes sense. If it’s not enough, let me know.

You can check out the Draft Pack here.

Quick Hits

That’s all folks! Welcome back, thanks for being back, and lets win some f***ing titles!

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