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Haskins Episode III: The League Strike Back - Dec 24

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve. Where did 2020 go??

In all seriousness, Dwayne Haskins was fined $50,000 for hiring 6 strippers to party with him. The funny part is, it’s mainly because he didn’t wear a mask. How’s a guy supposed to party with a mask on??

Let’s get into it:

Deep Dives - Offseason Gems

These are guys who you want to grab in keeper/dynasty leagues, as things could happen this offseason (i.e. FA’s leave, injured/washed guys retire) to open huge opportunities:

QB: Jacob Eason / Jordan Love - Grab them where you can. The rookie QBs are behind solidified starters but opportunities may arise in 2021/2022. In Indy, Eason will be the primary backup to Rivers as Jacoby Brissett is a FA this offseason. Rivers is 38.

In GB, Love, the 26th overall pick, is clearly behind Rodgers without any shot at starting…Just like Jalen Hurts was this season. Brett Favre was 35 when the Pack drafted Rodgers - Rodgers was 35 when the Pack drafted Love…

RB: AJ Dillon - This is a no-brainer. In any “keep where you drafted” league that AJ Dillon is available, GRAB HIM. Aaron Jones is in a contract year (and could very well be gone) and so is Jamaal Williams. Dillon has looked great this year and has huge quads. Don’t be afraid to spend what it takes to get AJ Dillon this offseason.

WR: Denzel Mims / Laviska Shenault - In terms of Mims, the Jets can’t get worse (right?).

For Shenault, the Jags could actually be GOOD (if they get Trev Lawrence). Shenault is built like a Chase Claypool - now he needs the opportunity (and a decent QB). The Jags WR room will look completely different next year - led by Shenault. Shenault also leads rookies in average separation per route run.

Better without you - OBJ

Also - the Browns are the #1 streaming DST this week against Adam Gase’s squad. Despite the offensive shock last week, they are still the JETS.

For all the info you need to stream D/STs for a title - check this article.

Houston, you (might) have a problem

After being an amazing coach for the Bengals, Marvin Lewis was fired. Now, because Marvin was such a great coach for the Bengals, the Texans thought he’d be a great fit for them. That’s how it works right?

Grab George Kittle

Not only will this legend play, but he will BALL. Grab him and start him this week.

He’ll win you titles.

JuJu on the Block

JuJu Smith-Schuster says his pregame routine of dancing on the midfield logo is no more - and Jerry Jeudy isn’t impressed, blaming the media for distorting reality. JuJu was dancing all season - it was only brought up when the 3 game skid happened.

It’s a beef thing after some DL on the 49ers slide into JuJu’s DMs to chirp:

Route Running God - Adam Theilen

Watch him turn around Marshon Lattimore

Oh and the other Vikings WR is really good too


Thank you all - it’s been an incredible season and I’ve enjoyed every minute. This is my first year ever writing a newsletter and I can’t thank you guys enough for the support.

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